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Welcome To The Unofficial FAQ For SCP: Secret Laboratory!

(As of 10/4/2022) For the past year this project has been dead since no one wants to help with it (including myself), Starting now I plan on keeping this project alive again alone again, If you want to help with the project you can join our Discord and ask Denty about it. Thank you!

We now have a Github so you can help with our project easier!

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  • Denty | Project Founder
  • Wafel | Project Head Leader
  • Emars118 | Patreon Supporter
  • mikey | Patreon Supporter
  • Pint | Patreon Supporter
  • others
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If you have any questions or concerns or find a typo you can either join our discord server here or send an email at scpsl.faq@gmail.com