User FAQ | Public Beta

How to play the beta


Open Steam and navigate to "Library" at the top left and click home, Then find "SCP: Secret Laboratory" and right-click the game and open "Properties..." then click "Betas" and choose "publicbeta - 11.0.0".

  • If you want to switch back to stable version choose "none" in Betas


You must be in the official SCP:SL Discord server, Go to the top of the server and select "SCP : SL Public B" and add it to your Discord library, After it is added we suggest that you restart Discord since Discord acts up when you add a game to your library, After restarting navigate to your Home page and click "Library" near the top left and click "Install" next to "SCP: Secrect Laboratory (public-beta). Images are below if you are having an issue.


Known Issues/Bugs

These are issues/bugs that are known/confirmed

  1. Black void doors | Some doors will be completely blacked out.
  2. Some SCP encounters can destroy your ears with awful & really loud sounds.
  3. SCP-079 sometimes will not get auto-RC'ed when all other SCP's are RC'ed.
  4. Visual bug with surroundings going invisible.
  5. Boxes that hold guns going invisible.
  6. Sinkhole visual glitch.
  7. Can't interact/do anything. (Really annoying)
  8. Some hardcore FPS drops.
  9. Smoke visual bug not showing in nuke room.
  10. Random crashing.
  11. Sometimes your screen can turn into Discord white theme.
  12. False ending screens.
  13. SCP-173 can sometimes move when being looked at.
  14. Massive desync.
  15. Item dupe.
  16. Playerlist not showing everyone.

Unknown Issues/Bugs

These are issues/bugs that are unknown/not confirmed

  1. Visual bug with SCP-079's screen getting 5 pixels.
  2. A invisible HCZ Armory inside of HCZ.
  3. This one seems to be really rare, If you enter a elevator and use it you will get teleported somewhere in a void.

If there is any bugs we are missing & you think should be added please let us know on our Discord server! Also if a issue gets crossed out that means it was fixed.