FAQ | How To Make A Server

Before doing anything you need to port forward.

Windows 10 / PC

Install the SteamCMD from here, This will allow you to install the server from steam, Once downloaded drag the SteamCMD executable into a new folder and run it. Upon running it will proceed with the first time setup and you should see Loading Steam API...ok followed by Steam>

Make a new folder somewhere for your server, the recommendation is making a desktop folder and calling it something simple such as SCP:SL Server

Head to the SteamCMD and enter the following commands in order,

  • login anonymous
  • force_install_dir (your server directory where you want to install the server)
  • app_update 996560

Your server folder should now contain 17 new files and 5 new folders

Your server is officially created but will need to be configured in order to accept players, Please goto Server FAQ -> Server Configration on how to get To start the SCP:SL server open the LocalAdmin.exe file inside of the server files.


Before we get into this, Do Not Install The SCP Server On The Root User!!! Make A SCPSERVER User Or Something Else!!!

First you will need to install mono for the server to work, Go here and read the guide on installing mono.

Then you will need to install SteamCMD, Type the following command sudo apt install steamcmd, That will allow you to connect to Steams servers to install the SCP:SL server.


For some people installing SteamCMD might not work with apt, Such as CentOS, And other Linux distros, If you are one of those people you will need to install curl and use curl to install SteamCMD, Type the following command to install curl, sudo apt install curl

Then you will need to use curl to install SteamCMD, Type the following command, curl -sqL "https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net /client/installer/steamcmd_linux.tar.gz" | tar zxvf -

That will create a folder called linux32 and a steamcmd.sh file.

Now that you have SteamCMD install you will need to type steamcmd, If you had the issue as above you will need to type ./steamcmd.

Now that you are inside of SteamCMD you will first need to login, Simply type login anonymous.

Now you will need to set the install directory for the SCP Server, Simply type force_install_dir (your server directory) replacing (your server directory) with the folder of where you want the server installed

Now you can finally install the SCP Server, Yet again simply type app_update 996560.

Thats it! You have installed the SCP:SL Server! To run the server type ./LocalAdmin followed with the servers port

How to make the server visible on list? (Verification)

  1. Set your email as contact_email in config_gameplay.txt (if the line is missing - create it anywhere in this file).
  2. Send the following information to server.verification@scpslgame.com
    • Public IPv4 of the server (make sure that this IP is working - eg. ask friend to join)
    • Is it static or dynamic IP
  3. After around 24 hours (sometimes up to 72 hours) you will received message that your server has been verified.
  4. Click on the link printed in the server console and agree to the verified server rules.