User FAQ | Known Issues

1. Server list response has expired! Set correct time and timezone on your PC.

DST (Daylight Savings) causes the issue, change your timezone by 1 hour forward or behind to fix it.

2. I have -1 hp or other issues while playing on a nondedicated server!

Don't use it, the function is broken in Stable and Beta.

3. Some settings are not saving or they're not working

It is a known bug, there's nothing you can do. Just ignore the fact and wait for the updates.

4. Server round is not restarting/loading and it stuck on 0%

Solution 1. (If your the server owner) Inside of your config_gameplay file set the line idle_mode_enabled to false.

Solution 2. (If your not the server owner) Either find another server to play on or tell the server owner of that server to fix it.

5. 0x0000 Windows Error

Solution 1. Use "RESET ALL SETTINGS" launch option or set your Graphics API to DX11 and use default menu.

6. Game keeps crashing on Windows 7

The game is broken on Windows 7 and most likely Northwood will drop support for it soon, You need to upgrade to Windows 10 and either way why would you still be on Windows 7 when its security is bad.

7. The game does not work on Linux

The game is not supported on Linux.

8. Game started but not loading!!!

Just wait for the game to launch, This is a known issue with the AC. If you have a SSD we suggest that you install the game on that.